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Real estate consulting:

For us, individual and competent advice and the development of the most promising real estate strategy and approach for you is an absolute must for a
trusting cooperation. Especially in challenging times, it is important to competently highlight the right conclusions and decisions. Does a sale make sense right now, is it better to wait for developments on the market or is temporary renting as an intermediate step the better choice? Or is it even more promising to become active together at a later point in time? We are your sparring partner for all these cases and will help you with what we consider to be the best recommendation for you, coupled with "know how" and our many years of experience.

Real estate valuation:

In the age of digitalisation, more and more services are taking place online. Many of them are certainly very helpful for us and our customers. We are also very happy to go down the path of digitalisation and are thus always at the cutting edge of technology! However, when it comes to valuing a property, we still insist on the good old and honest " hands-on work" on site because we can only warn against the many online valuation calculators!
Most of the time, the values are totally unrealistic, and the addresses are also sold to third-party estate agents for the highest bids.

That is why we offer a professional property valuation tailored to your property. We are happy to take the time and meet you on site to get an idea of
your property and the location ourselves. We take the time to determine the real market value of your property. We will not make you an overpriced offer just to get the brokerage contract. Overpriced properties are difficult if not impossible to sell and usually end in frustration - for the seller as well as the estate agent!

If you are interested in an authentic and high quality property valuation, simply fill out our questionnaire or contact us directly.

Property marketing:

The following also applies to the professional marketing of your property: " YOU EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST"! Therefore, we attach great importance to
a high-quality image selection of the properties that our clients entrust to us. We use the most important marketing and sales channels, and all major online portals are part of our toolbox. Of course, this also includes the social networks to ensure optimal marketing for our customers.

Rental service:

Often, the result of our individual consultation can be that it makes sense to rent out your property after all, because the current market situation or the
current interest rate situation speak in favour of it. A property to rent out can also be the right thing to do for a good old age provision. We are well prepared for such cases and offer a comprehensive rental service. Here, too, we take care of everything from A to Z and thus relieve you across the board.

From the design of the advertisement, of course, the suitable selection of candidates to the handing over of the keys, we take care of everything in our all round carefree service package.

Organisation and administration:

To ensure a smooth procedure, the right strategy and a clear plan for the development and building of real estate assets is extremely important. Perfect
organisation in the administrative domain is always part of the good tone with us! From the very beginning, we ensure that all necessary documents and preliminary contracts are available and that the legal and statutory requirements are clearly complied with.

A clean contract design in coordination with notary, tax and legal advisors is the basis for our all-round carefree real estate package! We will be happy to advise you on the details at any time, free of charge and without obligation. Use our consultation form or simply contact us directly.

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